Introducing Lifee

Lifee makes it fun for kids to be active – again!


Turn physical action into play!

Lifee is a wristband that makes it fun to be physically active. Collect points, level up and compete with your friends! Lifee is easy to understand, fun to use and turns every day into a game!

Lifee shows your status with colors

The color system


You have been inactive for a while. Start moving to collect points!


Great start. Continue like this and you will succeed!


You have been very active today, well done! Now aim for higher levels!


Don’t stop at green level! There are many more levels to explore. White, rainbow etc.

Lifee Spirits

Collect – Practice – Battle

Spirits is a game where you collect and battle with spirits, by being physically active! Slap on your Lifee wristband and get moving to find your own spirits.

Spirits are invisible creatures, existing everywhere around us. Level up and compete with friends in intense mini-games.

Lifee Spirits is a completely new way of playing! By mixing real world interaction with imaginative creatures, we offer a physical and fun gaming experience.

The Lifee Spirits app will be available for iOS and Android later this year.

More apps

Use Lifee with your favorite apps!

Unlock levels, achievements and gain points in other apps by wearing Lifee.

Developers can easily connect their apps with the Lifee API.

How Lifee works

Collect Points

Wear Lifee every day! Collect points by being active. Play, walk, ride your bike – every move counts.

Lights & Colors

Lifee communicates with lights on the wristband. Colors show your level. Wear Lifee and be noticed!

Lifee Spirits

Lifee Spirits is a game were you collect spirits and battle with friends. Available for smartphones later this year!

Engage Friends

Compete with friends! Create a group and collect points together. Challenge other groups!

Motion Interaction

There are no buttons on Lifee! You interact with movement. Shake Lifee to display your status!


Use Lifee to set up fun and rewarding goals. Green level for a whole week means family pizza on Sunday!

''More intense than Pokémon GO'' - Emma

''Like being a character in a game'' – Emily

''Lifee is all I want for Christmas'' - Noah

Designed in Sweden

Engineered in Sweden

Manufactured in Sweden

Programmed in Sweden

Tested in Sweden

Available in 2016

Lifee will be shipping in 2016

We are now finalizing the design and prepare for production. The first series of Lifee will be shipped to pre-paid customers this autumn. Next batch is planned for late this year.

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Proud winner of the SHINE Innovation Award.

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