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We are a team of senior innovators, scientists, engineers and marketing experts with experience from consumer electronics, embedded systems, computer games and software development. With a strong focus on market needs, we develop wearable products and services that add clear values to individuals and society.

Lifee AB was founded by serial entrepreneur Tomas Ahlström and electronics engineer Anders Petersson. We share a passion for technology and cool gadgets and strive to make a dent in the universe with our products.

In 2013 Tomas and Anders came up with the idea behind Lifee. As you know, modern kids love their smartphones, tablets, TV’s and game consoles. Great! But too much physical inactivity will jeopardize health, increase overweight and create family conflicts. So we developed a concept based on a wristband that would make it fun and rewarding to be active in the real world.

In 2014 we started to test our first prototype which rendered positive feedback. Together with industry designers and CAD-experts Prodelox we developed a look and feel of the wristband.

In 2015 we assembled a strong team of skilled people to bring Lifee to the market. Lifee was initially backed by Incredible Concepts of SwedenSPARV EmbeddedALMI Business Partners and New Tools For Health.

Our vision is to become a leading developer of entertaining wearables for a good cause!

Some of our partners

We are part of LEAD, one of the best business incubators in Sweden, supporting the development of unique start-ups with high growth potential.

Industrial design, CAD and prototyping

Flextronics is our partner for manufacturing.

The Team

Per Ek

Per Ek


Niklas Wigertz

Niklas Wigertz

Hardware Developer

Hanna Johansson

Hanna Johansson

Project Manager

Henning Hall

Henning Hall

Software Developer

Tomas Ahlström

Tomas Ahlström

Chairman & Business Development

Lifee Advisory Group

We have invited the smartest and most experienced people we know to form the exclusive “Lifee Advisory Group”. The group gives us valuable feedback on the product before it hits the market. Every second week, we send out a survey with things that we need your input on. Discussions are being held in a closed forum.

We don’t add more people to the group at the moment. Contact us to get a place on the waiting list.


Current members:

  1. Johan Aronsson, Founder & CEO at Marknadsbyrån
  2. Creighton Hurt, Product Manager at Sqor Sports
  3. Joe McNaull, Founder & CEO at FanSport
  4. Alva Appelgren, Neuro Scientist at Karolinska Institutet & Founder Brainself
  5. Jonas Sand, Founder & Psychologist (MSc Psych) at Kompetenta AB
  6. Rebecka Klöckner, student at Linköping university
  7. Sara Enarsson, student at Linköping university
  8. Susanne Ulltjärn, User Interaction Expert
  9. Viktor Månsson, Site Manager at LEAD
  10. Kari Syria, Regional Demand Generation Leader at Oracle
  11. Janne ”Lunkan” Lundqvist, Innovation Adviser at Start-Up Stockholm
  12. Johan Åberg, Founder & CEO at Briteback
  13. Kendra Van Beek
  14. Tobias Johansson, Business Development, Marknadsbyrån
  15. Anton Juholt, ABF
  16. Therése Strängfors PR at Brand Event
  17. Christian Gustavsson, Politician
  18. Magnus C Carlsson, Manager at ÅF
  19. Camilla Armerö, Parent
  20. Agneta Lindell, Parent and social entrepreneur
  21. Caroline Von Post, Stormie Poodle
  22. Catarina Ljungberg,
  23. Marcus André, Facilitator at Demola
  24. Ann-Sofie Stål, Project Manager, Designer, Parent
  25. David Eriksson, Entrepreneur
  26. Elin Kusmin, Datamuseet
  27. Lars Bengtsson, Business Coach at LEAD
  28. Jimmy Hanqvist Entreprenör
  29. Mathias Sundin, Politician & Member of Parliament
  30. Johannes Walfridsson, CEO at Prodelox
  31. Marcin De Kaminski, Internet researcher and analyst
  32. Philip Engström, Technical Leader at Cybercom
  33. Anders Lindell
  34. Elin Ledskog, Head of Market & Sales at Againity AB
  35. Anders Petersson, Founder at Sparv Embedded
  36. Magnus Refthammar, Project Manager
  37. Malin Sandell, Graphical Designer
  38. Anders Ferntoft, Business Coach at LEAD
  39. Niclas Johansson, Co-founder at VR Square and Special Projects / pappaledig at Narrative
  40. Carolina Olsson, Project Manager/Facilitator at Demola East Sweden
  41. Johan Holmlund, UX profesional
  42. Lasse Fredriksson, Public speaker and CEO
  43. Niklas Tinglöf, Senior Consultant at DevPort
  44. Richard Bremer, Founder Inntrion AB
  45. Jonas Ytterfors, Financial genius at TriOptima UK
  46. Kalle Eldebo, Business advisor at Almi
  47. Morgan Holmström, Owner at Amazonkey and Owner at Individual Focus
  48. Christoffer Ekman, Product owner at at Scandinavian Diagnostics AB
  49. Alexander Lantz, Student
  50. Tova Linder, Student
  51. Adam Bradbury, Volleyball Player and Coach
  52. Tommy Högström, Head of Young Professionals & Business service desk at Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK
  53. Jesper Petersson, Digital Marketing Consultant at Resultify

Proud winner of International Growth Award, Winter Arena Best Pitch, SKAPA Future Innovators and SHINE Innovation Award.

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