Look, we have an awesome prototype of Lifee!

Now, we need a few test pilots that will wear the prototype for some days, and then return valuable feedback to us.

We are looking for:

  • Kids 8-12 years old, perhaps spending a bit too much time by the computer, smartphone, TV
  • Living in Linköping or Norrköping, Sweden
  • Willing to report a short survey every day
  • Nice parents that can overview the test

Just sign up here if you are interested!

A description of the prototype version:

  • Sensors register all your moves in 3D
  • When you are active you earn Activity Points
  • When you are inactive you lose Activity Points
  • Shake your wrist and a multi-color LED will show your Activity Status

The colors of the LED means:

  • Red light: Warning – you have been sitting still for too long
  • Yellow light: Good – that’s a great start
  • Green light: Perfect – you have been active today!
  • White light: Oh my gosh – you are a super-hero!!

Do your best to keep the light green all the time. Good luck!