Lately we have been experimenting with the Lifee wristband closing mechanism. We weren’t happy with our latest design which had a loose component that could get lost. 

Our design partner Prodelox suggested an improved design which we printed in their brand new 3D-printer Form 2 from Form Labs. The result was amazing!

The wristband is made with both soft and hard plastics, which the new 3D-printer handled very well.

We have some minor adjustments to do, but soon we’re ready to create molds for the first batch of Lifee’s.

The soft plastics from Form Labs has a great look and feel. There are still some manual polish work to be done on the upper side of the wristband.

The 3D-print is hardened in an UV-chamber.

We 3D-print the case in transparent hard plastics so the electronics inside is visible, only for the work in progress prototypes.

Johannes Sjödin has designed Lifee together with the Lifee team. Here he is polishing the 3D-prints.