Thanks for all the great ideas and contributions you guys gave us during our Idea Hunt campaign! It has been awesome to receive your input and it has been really worthwhile experience for us to see what you – our potential customers – thinks.

Here is the campaign brief (now closed)

Here are all the submitted Lifee ideas!

Deciding on a winner has been tough, as there has been a lot of good ideas, but after careful consideration we have decided that Alexis Ali:s idea with fitness suggestions in the app to maintain a good boost of acitivity is the worthy winner!

Congratulations Alexis Ali! Here is his idea ”Fitness suggestions”!

Winner of the best contributor was a reaaaal tight run but David Eriksson took home the cake there.

Congratulations David Eriksson!

We have some 20$ gift cards to hand out aswell, and as Kendra Van Beek was so close to win the contributor-prize he wins two for a total of 40$! Congratulations! The last three cards goes do in no particular order: CanDo 4Biz, David Feldman and Ben Wilz. 
Thanks again everyone, it’s been great and I hope you conitnue to be active on Idea Hunt and we will contact the winners separately to conclude the campaign.

Once again thanks for your engagement!