As you know, we have a working prototype of Lifee that we use for user testing and customer feedback. The first version of the electronics was designed about two years ago and has been improved many times since then. We have experimented with different wristbands as well. Here you see some of our early designs:

Screenshot 2015-05-12 22.28.10
Earlier this year we started development of Lifee 2.0. The work is lead by our electronic design expert Niklas Wigertz Danielsson.

Lifee in the lab-1
Lifee 2.0 have a new hardware design. Most noticeable are Bluetooth radio for communication with other Lifee bands, smartphones and computers – and more LED lights. These features will enable friend challenges, achievements, a Lifee smartphone app and much more.

This is how a draft Lifee 2.0 circuit board looks like:

Screenshot 2015-05-12 22.37.55
Lifee will be made in a factory when we are ready for mass production. But during tests and evaluation the electronic components have to be assembled by hand. It takes a steady hand and good equipment!

Lifee in the lab-4