We are inviting 50 smart and experiences people to join our “Lifee Advisory Group”. The group will give us valuable feedback on the product before it hits the market. Every second week, we will send out a short survey with things that we need your input on – such as colors, advertising material, features in the app etc. There will be beta testing opportunities as well.

Would you like to be part of that group and support development of Lifee? Contact us!

Here is the current list of members:

  1. Johan Aronsson, Founder & CEO at Marknadsbyrån
  2. Creighton Hurt, Product Manager at Sqor Sports
  3. Joe McNaull, Founder & CEO at FanSport
  4. Alva Appelgren, Neuro Scientist at Karolinska Institutet & Founder Brainself
  5. Jonas Sand, Founder & Psychologist (MSc Psych) at Kompetenta AB
  6. Rebecka Klöckner, student at Linköping university
  7. Sara Enarsson, student at Linköping university
  8. Susanne Ulltjärn, User Interaction Expert
  9. Viktor Månsson, Site Manager at LEAD
  10. Kari Syria, Regional Demand Generation Leader at Oracle
  11. Janne “Lunkan” Lundqvist, Innovation Adviser at Start-Up Stockholm
  12. Johan Åberg, Founder & CEO at Briteback
  13. Kendra Van Beek
  14. Tobias Johansson, Business Development, Marknadsbyrån
  15. Anton Juholt, ABF
  16. Therése Strängfors PR at Brand Event
  17. Christian Gustavsson, Politician
  18. Tommy Hedin, Sports Trainer
  19. Magnus C Carlsson, Manager at ÅF
  20. Camilla Armerö
  21. Agneta Lindell
  22. Caroline Von Post
  23. Catarina Ljungberg
  24. Marcus André, Facilitator at Demola
  25. Ann-Sofie Stål, Project Manager, Designer, Parent
  26. David Eriksson, Entrepreneur
  27. Elin Kusmin, Datamuseet
  28. Lars Bengtsson, Business Coach at LEAD
  29. Jimmy Hanqvist Entreprenör
  30. Mathias Sundin, Politician & Member of Parliament
  31. Johannes Walfridsson, CEO at Prodelox
  32. Marcin De Kaminski, Scientist & Public Speaker
  33. Philip Engström,  Technical Leader at Cybercom
  34. Anders Lindell

View the full list here!