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Bra artikel i Ny Teknik

Ny Teknik skriver positivt om Lifee! Övervikten bland barn blir ett allt större problem. Det vill Lifee motverka med ett uppkopplat spelarmband. Nu inleds ett samarbete med Karolinska Institutet. – "Av landets alla elvaåringar är det bara 40 procent som kommer upp i...

Positiv pressrelease om positiva effekter med Lifee

Häromdagen släppte Göteborgs kommun en pressrelease som tydligt beskriver effekterna med Lifee på Solbackeskolan i Bergsjön! - Barnen är stolta över sina armband och de är motiverade att nå upp till det gröna läget. Jag upplever att både de som redan tidigare var...

Delfinal i Startup Tour

Delfinalen i DI Digital Startup Tour gick bra till att börja med. VD Per Ek gjorde en lysande pitch och hanterade frågorna från panelen galant. Panelen valde ut tre bolag som gick vidare, Lifee var ett av dem - tillsammans med Senion och Epishine. Caroline Walerud...

Pressrelease: Lekfullt techbolag får barn i rörelse – nominerade till Di Digital Startup Tour

Lekfullt techbolag får barn i rörelse – nominerade till Di Digital Startup Tour Fetma hos barn och ungdomar har tiodubblats de senaste fyrtio åren, enligt en ny studie från Imperial College London och WHO. Det norrköpingsbaserade startup-bolaget Lifee vill vända den...

Lifee till delfinal i DI Digital Startup Tour 2017

Vi är mycket stolta över att Lifee gått vidare till delfinal i DI Digital Startup Tour 2017 i Linköping. Skaffa din biljett här: http://startuptour.di.se

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Photo session

Photo session

To try out the latest Lifee prototype we invited kids to the sports arena Hangaren. We tried climbing walls, kickbike ramps and had lots of fun!

Thanks to Maya and Noah de Kaminski for being Lifee models! Your contribution is very valuable for us. 

Here are some of the photos:

Announcing Lifee Spirits

Announcing Lifee Spirits

Lifee Spirits is a game where you collect spirits and battle with friends, by being physically active! 

Lifee Spirits is a completely new way of playing! By mixing real world interaction with imaginative creatures, we offer a physical and fun gaming experience.

Slap on your Lifee wristband and get moving to find your own spirits. Spirits are invisible creatures, existing everywhere around us. Level up and compete with friends in intense mini-games.

Lifee Spirits is being developed by the Lifee team and will be available for iOS and Android later this year. 

Success in Almedalen

Success in Almedalen

The Week of Almedalen is a hugely popular event in Sweden for decision makers, politicians, organisations and people that want to change society. Of course Lifee were there to show our latest prototype! We succeeded to make an unforgettable impression many of the 35.000 visitors.

pitch_bildav_david_chuck_zaarWe went to Almedalen to participate in the Serendipity Innovation Challenge were we also had a booth to present the latest version of Lifee. Lifee also presented on stage at the Pitch Maraton. The response was overwhelming! At Almedalen, there were a lot of talks and discussion on how to motivate kids to be more physically active. Everyone agreed that Lifee is a perfect way to make activity and outdoor play more fun in a way that the kids will love. We invited people to come and play with the latest version of Lifee and the app game we are working on. The response was ”I WANT THIS NOW!”.

Almedalen was great to validate that Lifee is a great product! We met a lot of interesting people, companies and organisations that we will follow up with now.


Astronaut Christer Fuglesang came by and tried Lifee, he want crazy and almost wrecked the place – just to win the Lifee challenge. Which he did! See the result below:

















Great article about Lifee and the team

Great article about Lifee and the team

Christoffer Andersson, founder of Chrillez Copy and freelance writer, made a great article about Lifee and the team behind.

Read it here (in Swedish)!

An excerpt:

Perhaps the most prominent factor of the startup Lifee is not the fact that they have developed a product that will change the lives of millions of people. Nor is it that they have one of Sweden’s top best presenters in the management or that the company was founded by super-entrepreneurs. What really impresses me is that four young super-talents in a small office in Linköping creates headline after headline in the startup scenes, while making unforgettable impressions wherever they are.

Thanks Christoffer for meeting up with us!


Lifee selected for Startup Sweden’s game boot camp

Lifee selected for Startup Sweden’s game boot camp

Startup Sweden is a boot camp for Sweden’s most promising digital startups! It gives 10 companies the opportunity to develop their skills in business development and expanding its network for five intense days in central Stockholm. Last but not least, the companies the chance to meet private and public investors in the largest demo day for digital companies on 14 December.

This time Startup Sweden’s boot camp is exclusively targeting game companies. Since Lifee is all about gamification and having fun it is a perfect fit.

Startup Sweden is organized by ”Tillväxtverket” and backed by its partners, including Game Port in Karlshamn and The Game Incubator in Skövde. During a week of September, the ten companies will meet and share experiences and contacts from several established Swedish gaming companies. They will also pitch their game projects and companies to a wide range of investors with a focus on computer games industry.

Lifee AB was selected to join Startup Sweden by a jury team with representatives from Game Port in Karlshamn, The Game Incubator in Skövde, Stockholm Innovation & Growth (Sting), Almi Invest, FastTrack Malmö, Internet Discovery Day, North Zone, the Innovation Office at Stockholm University, Bic Factory, Innovation Scania Industrial Development Fund and Tillväxtverket.

– A difference in this call compared to the past is that over a third of the applicant company founded by women or have a woman as CEO. Three of the selected companies have either a woman founder and CEO, says Arash Sangari and Marcus Liu at Startup Sweden.

The selected companies:

  • Lifee AB, Linköping
  • 8 Dudes in a Garage AB (IGDB.com), Göteborg
  • Palindrome Interactive AB, Skövde
  • Divine Robot, Malmö
  • Tarhead Studio AB, Skövde
  • Mostly Harmless Games, Skövde
  • Eat Create Sleep AB, Gotland
  • Guru Games AB, Skövde
  • Lone Hero Studios AB, Skövde
  • Claimony AB, Stockholm

Read more:



Lifee finalist in Serendipity Challenge

Lifee finalist in Serendipity Challenge

The jury selected Lifee to join the finals of Sweden’s largest entrepreneurship competition for startups – in Almedalen!

The Serendipity Challenge is an annual national competition open to Swedish companies based on unique business concepts and innovations with potential to commercialize products or services in the global market.

Lifee will compete for the Audience Award, Partner Awards and Industry Award Award. The winner will get place on a delegation to Silicon Valley. All companies receive accommodations, exhibit space and the opportunity to make contacts with entrepreneurs , investors, opinion leaders , industry peaks and partners.

The finals will take place in Almedalen, Visby, Monday the 4th – Tuesday the 5th of July.

Wish us good luck!

All the 50 competing startups!


Lifee qualifies for Growth Phase

Lifee qualifies for Growth Phase

Lifee is a proud member of LEAD, one of the most successful business incubators in Sweden, supporting the development of unique startups with high growth potential.

We just qualified for the third phase of the LEAD process, the growth phase!

The three phases:

Evaluation – evaluation of the business concept, market and possible solutions for financing.

Verification – verify market and develop business concept.

Growth – focusing on sales, doing business and build organization.

The image shows LEAD business coach Anders Ferntoft and Lifee CEO Hanna Johansson. 

Lifee at TechCrunch’s legendary meetup

Lifee at TechCrunch’s legendary meetup

Today Lifee pitched at TechCrunch’s legendary meetup + pitch-off event at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm! We had beer, good conversation, and dazzled the judges in a sixty seconds pitch competition. In the audience there were investors, entrepreneurs, dreamers or tech enthusiasts – around 500 visitors in total.  

The pitch-off competition jury was a mix of esteemed VCs and TechCrunch editors. These included Mike Butcher, TechCrunch; Marta Sjögren, Northzone; Sean Percival, 500 Startups; Mattias Ljungman, Atomico and Lars Jörnow, EQT Ventures (who sponsored the event). 

Read more here!

Unique collaboration for equal health

Unique collaboration for equal health

Lifee AB, Örebro city and Alfred Nobel Science Park forms an unique partnership aiming to develop tools for equal health and wellness.

Research shows that people with cognitive disabilities are subject to health problems. Insufficient physical activity is a contributing factor. Only 55 percent of people with disabilities are physically active at least 30 minutes per day, although there is a strong link between physical activity and good health.

The group is developing a concept that will motivate people with cognitive disabilities to become more physically active. Our goal is to make wellness more equal!

This short film was produced in connection with an application for financial assistance from Vinnova.


Lifee joins Tech Nordic Advocates

Lifee joins Tech Nordic Advocates

Lifee founder Patrik Jutterström is now a member of the Tech Nordic Advocates, an unrivalled collection of tech leaders, experts and investors uniting to form the most influential independent, private sector group in the Nordics and Baltics.

BlacktransparentlogoTech Nordic Advocates has been borne out of the success of Tech London Advocates, which has grown into the most influential private sector group within London’s technology landscape.

Tech Nordic Advocates works with existing tech and digital groups, communities, public and private sector initiatives and organisations across the Nordics and Baltics, to help accelerate the growth of tech and innovation start-ups and SMEs, by facilitating partnerships with established businesses, international companies and investors.

The vision of Tech Nordic Advocates is to become the leading Northern European driving force for tech collaboration and networking, reinforced by close collaboration with the London and international tech sectors.

Jeanette Carlsson, CEO of @newmedia2.0 & founder Tech Nordic Advocates

New Tools For Health

New Tools For Health

We got financing for our first prototypes from the organization New Tools For Health. 

This week we presented the result at the annual meeting, with invited guests. The crowd was interested in the latest attention we have gotten from different target groups. 


Entrepreneurship Forum – Everyday Tech 2016 in London

Entrepreneurship Forum – Everyday Tech 2016 in London

Last week, Lifee was invited to pitch at the Entrepreneurship Forum – Everyday Tech 2016 in London, hosted by The Swedish Chamber of Commerce. 

The event featured pioneering new technology, pitched by their founders, while senior representatives from Spotify, iZettle, Atomico and Tech Nordic Advocates discussed the ground-breaking technology development we are experiencing on a daily basis.

It was a great event and we get a lot of new interesting contact in UK! Venue: Grange St. Pauls Hotel’s Sky Bar, 10 Godliman Street, London EC4V 5AJ

These were the other pitching companies:

www.lifee.com – oh, that’s us!
Lifee makes it fun and rewarding to be physically active. Compete with friends and get valuable rewards. It’s easy, fun and healthy.

EasySize is a sizing intelligence tool which provides the right clothing sizes wherever online shoppers might need it. It helps online shops to build trust and have greater conversions.

By combining a 55-inch digital touch screen, a Kinect camera and interactive software in front of a robot, Kioskomatic creates a shopping point with an endless range of products and services.

Soundtrap is an easy-to-use, online audio recording studio where you collaborate on your spare time or in a safe classroom using any device.

Tiptapp does to bulky waste and recyclables what Uber do with people. Tiptapp gets them to the right place at a lower cost and a lesser environmental impact.

Social network with the vision to make the world more human, through more physical meetings.

Before the pitch session, we hang out at Google in London. A great working place.  🙂

Control games with Lifee


With Lifee, the activity tracker for kids, it is possible to turn physical activity into Game Energy that can be used to boost mobile and computer games!

We also investigate if Lifee can be used as a real-time game control, just like a Wii – but for any game device. The video above is a test concept, based on demo called Polyslice. The plan is to implement full support for Lifee in Polyslice during the summer.

We are talking to several game developers right now to make all this happen, for example David Marquardt – developer of Pull My Tongue! We will be making announcements later this year.

Skärmavbild 2016-05-09 kl. 14.58.41


Form Labs 3D printer

Form Labs 3D printer

Lately we have been experimenting with the Lifee wristband closing mechanism. We weren’t happy with our latest design which had a loose component that could get lost. 

Our design partner Prodelox suggested an improved design which we printed in their brand new 3D-printer Form 2 from Form Labs. The result was amazing!

The wristband is made with both soft and hard plastics, which the new 3D-printer handled very well.

We have some minor adjustments to do, but soon we’re ready to create molds for the first batch of Lifee’s.

The soft plastics from Form Labs has a great look and feel. There are still some manual polish work to be done on the upper side of the wristband.

The 3D-print is hardened in an UV-chamber.

We 3D-print the case in transparent hard plastics so the electronics inside is visible, only for the work in progress prototypes.

Johannes Sjödin has designed Lifee together with the Lifee team. Here he is polishing the 3D-prints.

Lifee Accepted by Epicenter Growth Platform, Powered by Google For Entrepreneurs

Lifee Accepted by Epicenter Growth Platform, Powered by Google For Entrepreneurs

gfe-logoWe are proud to announce that Lifee has been accepted to join the Epicenter Growth Platform, powered by Google For Entrepreneurs

Every 4 weeks, a batch of start ups are picked to get mentoring, space, attend events and be part of the Epicenter community in Stockholm. Lifee is part of the first batch to join the program, starting 1st of May 2016.

There are four cornerstones:

  1. gfe-graphicInspire:
    Open monthly events that will aim to share founder stories and inspire you further on your journey
  2. Connect:
    Weekly topical events that will be focused on the company lifecycle e.g. customer validation, growth hacking, online marketing etc. These topical events will be a little more hands on, like a workshop where you can come and discuss challenges and meet peers or idols that have solved the problem you are facing before
  3. Impact:
    Access to free space at Epicenter and Deep Mentoring for hand picked start ups that happens every 4 weeks. During these 4 weeks you get deep mentoring from amazing company builders, corporates and entrepreneurs that can help your business scale or idea get to market, all while you have free space at Epicenter
  4. Amplify: 
    We love to support existing community builders (run events, spaces, meet ups etc) through our resources like space, mentoring and access to our network

slide-2Our dedicated coach is Mahesh Kumar, CEO of Result, Director of Innovations Lab at Epicenter and co-founder of FitnessCollection – to mention a few of Mahesh positions.

Here are some of the offers in the growth platform package:

  • Open monthly events and weekly topical events tailor focusing on the various stages of the start up life cycle
  • Access to Epicenter to sit and work out of
  • Deep mentoring sessions with experienced local and international company builders specialised in the fields of expertise of your needs
  • Access to over 20 Google For Entrepreneurs Tech Hubs Globally i.e. you can sit and work out of different parts of the world for free if you are part of the community
  • Invitations and eligibility to attend special Google For Entrepreneurship programs, competitions globally
  • Lots of Google swag and credits

See you in Stockholm!

Lifee på Epicenter


Lifee infomercial 

Lifee infomercial 

To clarify why Lifee is so important, we produced a short infomercial – published on our brand new YouTube channel.

The clip is also available on www.lifee.com.

Click here to view!

Note: the entire production was made on an iPhone with the apps Adobe Voice and iMovie.


Lifee team dinner

Lifee team dinner

The Lifee team has been working together in about a year! We have worked hard, been out on fun adventures, trade shows, parties etc – but we never had a nice dinner together. Time for action!

We booked the VIP table at our favorite restaurant Yogi and went bananas on the menu.

As a bonus we came up with some strategic concepts that we’ll implement this spring.  🙂

New hardware design

New hardware design

The third major revision of the hardware has arrived!

It has been tweaked to fit inside the latest design of the wristband. The first hand mounted prototypes works great!



Welcome Henning

Welcome Henning

Please welcome Henning Hall, our latest recruitment!

Henning is a true code ninja and will mainly work on the Lifee app. Welcome onboard!

Proud winner of International Growth Award, Winter Arena Best Pitch, SKAPA Future Innovators and SHINE Innovation Award.

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