Some of us like challenges. Therefor we introduced a white level to the Lifee concept. The white light is very hard to get and require massive activity over time.

Our community guy Patrik likes to exercise and try new things! So we gave him a challenge:

”Can you reach the white level by racing 50 kilometers non-stop on your inlines, between the twin cities of Norrköping and Linköping?”

Patrik accepted the challenge and here is the result:

Patrik started in Norrköping with a red Lifee.

Great weather for inlines!

Sweden is beautiful at this time of year.

Almost half way to Linköping! Total focus on getting back alive!

Finally Patrik made it back home with a white light!! It’s a bit hard to see on the photo, but we can assure that it’s there.  🙂

Here it the route. Now you know what it takes to reach the white level!